Bicicleta, Șelari  st no. 2, Bucharest
— Bicicleta (*bicycle in Romanian) was opened in a historical building located in Bucharest’s old city center. The concept revolves around reusing and recycling old bicycle parts, turning them into furniture and lighting fixtures, all mixed well within an industrial décor of Bucharest’s old city center. The main parts were purchased from Great Britain, and are mainly from the 1930s, combined with a great part of elements recovered from Romania’s once oldest and largest bike factory Pegas, now permanently closed. Using the saddles from the classical Romanian bike – Pegas Kent, a bike that was most popular in the 70’s communist Romania together with defining elements from track bikes, the bar’s entire furniture is laced with a great variety of bicycle parts that add extra detail and contribute to the general ambiance.

— bar design, interior design, technical drawings, 3D studies, furniture development and croquis studies, construction site followup, acquisitions, contact with suppliers, furniture set-up, decorative paintings, decorative elements set-up.
— status: built
— collaborations: Open Space Design // designer Violeta Apostol // Stefan Ciobotaru
— furniture: Vertigo Metal Design // Profilo Design // Boohooho Leather Design
— visual identity: Adrian Vizireanu
— photo credits: Cristian Vasile, Andrei Creanga