culinary ties 

+ Multifunctional cutlery set for Casa Di Peroni 002 @ Instalart Object competition 2014
+ We make friends around the dinner table. We also get to know each other, share and savor together the entire dining experience. This whole experience is complemented by the instruments that are meant to help us along. Therefore we combine the elegance of organic forms together with ergonomically coordinates and multi-functionality in order to create cutlery that contributes to that whole dining experience.
We reinterpret the usual dining tools, reducing them to just two objects: soup spoon + knife, dessert spoon + fork. The two utensils change their purpose according to the way they are manipulated, and the 90 degrees twist enables you to make better use of them.

+ collaboration with arch. Daniela Gheorgiu
+ prototype: De Ceramica
+ technical specifications: 2 pieces x 15.5cm I ceramic unglazed, ivory
+ exhibitions: Romanian Design Week 2014 main exhibition, Inside-Out, Romanian Design Week collateral event, included in Art Gallery White Night, Bucharest 2014
+ photo: Radu Răzvan I Cristian Apostol