[ alina turdean ] interior architect and product & temporary designer for over 13 years. Graduate from Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, Faculty of Interior Architecture in Bucharest and Sapienza University, Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia and Ludovico Quaroni in Rome, Italy.

+ professional experience

2020 – present I Studio Alina Turdean, NL, Rotterdam – interior I product I temporary design – schematic design, concept development, technical design, visualisations, graphic design, food design presentations.
projects: G3_modules THE Disappearing WALL – upcycle & continuity for Goethe-Institut Netherlands // REsole website & promotional materials for Clean Climber // Ice capture for Flowers&Sours // set design simulations for The Orders of the Undead – Nadine Botha.

2020 – 2021 I Studio Oana Tudose interior designer I Project-based interior design, schematic design, concept development, technical design, visualisations, presentations.
projects: NEOM Adventure Sports Hub & Hisma Desert Camp for Nomadic Resorts // ZION Spirit mountain resort Utah, U.S.A for Nomadic Resorts

2018 – 2019 I Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs I Catinca Tilea Studio NL, Rotterdam I product design, research & experimentation, installation, production & on-site set-up
projects: Time Said: Can You See I #1minuteLamp @ London Design Fair I  HOW as a participatory material I  BeSouk Festival

oct-dec 2018 I 100ideas Studio NL, Rotterdam
product design, research & representation.
projects: Mecanique Magique for Horta Museum Brussels, BE

2014 – 2020 I Studio Alina Turdean RO, Bucharest – interior I product I temporary design – creative concept, interior design,  architectural planning, product design, graphic design & social media marketing, temporary design, installation, production, cultural management, design development, construction site tracking, client handling, acquisitions, and consulting
projects: Shoteria Bar, Motif lamps for Calif, Calif Info Point for Romanian Design Week, Mini Romanian lamps for Cez Group, Duplex apartment C, Shoteria mobile bar, the Romanian lamps, Multi-functional cutlery Culinary Ties, Textile Design Iele, V lamp, Miau – ceramic contemporary jewellery, Shoteria – fantastic Station, House F, House HG10, Starter ( RDW collateral event 2018 ), Foliage ( RDW collateral event 2017 ) Re-Compus ( RDW collateral event 2015 ), Inside Out ( RDW collateral event 2014 ), Verde-n fata ( RDW collateral event 2013 )

+ related experience
2012 – 2018 interior I product I temporary design – volunteer work RO, Bucharest, Călărași I creative concept, cultural management, set design, graphic design, production, on-site set-up and coordination, online marketing
projects: 3 Smoked Olives Festival (2015-2017), Romanian Design Week collateral events (2013-2018),  Greenpeace – Temporary Camp kitchen (2016),  Petite Fete du l’air (Independent Design Fair – Christmas Concept edition (2013), Romanian Design for Fan Fest Rosia Montana (2013)

2009 – 2013 Open Space Design RO, Bucharest    
creative concept, interior design,  architecture planning, product design, technical design, design development, construction site tracking, client handling, acquisitions, and consulting
projects: Bicicleta Bar, Terapia Pharmacy Chain, Terra Park Gift Shop, Agricultorilor st. Duplex, Carol Park- residence, Asmita buildings – residential Maresal Averescu – residential

+ education
  Interior Architecture, combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree UAUIM, Interior Architecture, Bucharest, RO

2006-2007 Socrates-Erasmus Scholarship I Sapienza University, Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia and Ludovico Quaroni – Erasmus scholarship, Rome, IT

+ contests & degrees
2016 – 1st Prize winner of Call for project Capitol Gardens – ARCUB

X BUCURESTI 2021 X SAVEorCANCEL, #UnNouCapitol visual installation
2012 – 1st Prize winner of RFMA (Romanian Furniture Manufacturers Association) Annual Product Design Competition, Avant-garde Furniture Design, Leaf coffee table
2009 – 2nd Prize winner of  Inspired  Competition, Interior Design section,  Temporary dwelling Modul PAL
2008 – Winner of IAESTE scholarship, Bogota Columbia

+ exhibitions

F&S ice capture, Flowers&Sours, 2021
The G3 Modules THE Disappearing WALL upcycle & continuity, Goethe Institut Netherlands, 2021
Time said: can you see me?, Studio Catinca Tilea, Worm 2019
Insula Sonora, One World Romania la Școală, MNAC Bucharest, 2019

See-Me installation at Starter collateral event, RDW 2018
Sound interaction, Starter, RDW 2018
Fill_in_the_blanks, Starter  RDW 2018
Desired Constellation, Creart 2017
Eat-Me installation, Foliage, RDW 2017
#UnNouCapitol, Martin Balint I Save or Cancel I Arcub, installation, 2016
Cuib installation, RE-Compus, RDW 2015
Mixed Feelings installation, Inside-Out, RDW 2014
Iele installation, Inside-Out, RDW 2014
Culinary Ties, main exhibition RDW 2014
Verde N Fata I leaf series, RDW 2013
Contemporary Romanian Design EESC.EU I leaf coffee table, Bruxelles, Belgium 2013
Graz Design Month I  leaf coffee table, Graz, Austria 2013
Art Galleries by Night – 2013, 2014, 2015
George Enescu Music Festival I  leaf coffee table, 2013
Cultural Institutes by Night, ICR Bucharest I lamp B, 2013
“Maiastra – the unwritten tale of La Blouse Romaine”
NeoGalateca I Iele, 2013
Czech Center, Czech Film Hunting – Menzel Night,Stirbei Palace, 2013