Desired Constellation 

+ Why should we imagine new constellations? Every culture has developed its own set of constellations based on their mythology. These stellar figures, imaginary outlined, were assigned from the start a connection with the human destiny, particularly linked with the constellations depicted in the zodiac. In the same way, we can now trace other constellations that can express our desires and our hopes. A symbolic gesture to chart our own destiny reflected in the stars. The sky map was drawn long ago, it has been defined and redefined as our knowledge has expanded. This mapping has its own history. The International Astronomical Union currently recognizes 88 constellations. Think of the night sky as a random configuration of “stars” that can be joined by the playful imagination of anyone who desires to write or rewrite his own destiny, making the necessary cosmic connections for an equation of the heart.

*gemini   = delusion
*libra    = faith
*aquarius = affection
*Musical reference_Björk – Desired Constellation

+ collaboration with Mădălina Teler  // curator Răzvan Ion
+ prototype: De Ceramica // Atelier Cornescu
+ technical specifications: 
decorative custom platters I brass exterior I ceramic  interior
Ø 290mm // Ø 180mm // Ø 210mm

+ exhibition presented at Creart, Bucharest, december 2017
+ graphic design: Theodor Moise
+ visuals: Aural Eye // photography Mihai Capsaz @ 3Smoked Olives Island 2016
+ photo: Radu Răzvan
+ available by order @