G3_modules THE Disappearing WALL
upcycle & continuity

+”Sometimes in order to unify imperfection, you need to make 5000 gestures of love. Or how I became a woodworker” A.

+ concept: Series of modular objects derived by upcycling materials from the installation The Disappearing Wall, a Goethe-Institut project presented in the Netherlands in the European Reflections program in October 2020.
+ Having in mind the phrase “form follows function” famously coined by architect Louis H. Sullivan in his 1896 essay “The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered.” the transformational journey of the existing raw material will follow both accordingly.
The material at hand (the wooden block) derives from a linear construction and is circularly transformed into a family of modular objects that follow the same recurrence and linearity. Their form, association, and repetition result in rhythm and sequence, creating further continuity through their distinct pattern – similar to a learning or a language pattern.
+ each wooden block has a distinct quote in various translations; the blocks are associated in order to ensure readability. 
+ each wooden block has detailed carvings on all four sides, at the end connection to the following block, resulting in a total of nearly 5000 (4966) hand-carved indentations.

+ status: produced
+ work: product design, woodwork, assisting production, set-up.
+ collaborations: Miriam van Eck, Goethe Institut Netherlands
+ photo: A. Turdean  I  M. Geremus
+ video: Pleun Gremmen