+ Textile design with upcycled materials. Intricate unique layered collars that depict Romanian folkloric characters. Our long lost sorcery refrains are made up of four essential elements. We contribute to remembering and unearthing the long-forgotten mystical characters of our folklore and present them throughout layers and layers of softness and beads.

Lostrița, the magical fish enchantress
Aranca, one of the Faro mermaids
Măiastra, queen of the birds
Alba, one of the Iele
Roșia, the spirit of the buried treasure.
Doina, the spirit of the mountain
Iana Sânziana. Sister of the Sun
Hora, one of the Șoimane

+ collaboration with arch. Ioana Banica
+ prototype: Marele Deget Mare
+ exhibitions: Inside-Out, Romanian Design Week collateral event Bucharest 2013, included in Art Gallery White Night, Bucharest 2013, Petit Fete du L’Aer, Bucharest 2013, Maiastra – Galateca Gallery, Bucharest 2014
+ photo: Iulian Moise