Inside – Out 

+ We need human interaction. An interaction that is easy, relaxed and open, an interaction that generates usefulness on all sides involved.
The objects we design are destined for the people. They are meant to help and improve their lives, to bring them enjoyment, and move them. The Houses we design and furnish are meant for them. We plan them in order to best fit their personalities, their needs, and often their budgets.
We also must learn to recuperate, re-use, and re-think, we must learn to do all of this together. Each and every one of us has something unique to bring to the plate, as well as something lacking.
We have abandoned spaces all over the city. But we have ideas and objects that can improve our lives.
We need opportunities for communication and exchanges because we need to learn how to better use all the means available around us in order to further build our social and personal future and of course we need to do all of this together, as a healthy open community.

+ Concept, production, promotion, curatorial work, set-design & installation
+ collaborations: Poteca Studio // Delahaze FM // Casa Carol 53 // Art Gallery White Night // Romanian Design Week // graphic design: Valentina Puzderca – Poteca Studio // arh. Ana Banică
+ participants: Cai verzi pe pereti //  Creative Brick// Flori de Mentă // Ioana Joa // Marele Deget Mare // Anca Miron // Poteca Studio // Coca Zaboloteanu // Lucia Elvira Butnariu // Ioana Sopov // Mădălina Teller
+ photo: Adi Bulboacă // Poteca Studio
+ exhibition presented at Romanian Design Week collateral event, Carol 53, Bucharest, may 2014