M O T T O M 
Lascăr Catargiu St.no 9, Bucharest

+ status: built
+ interior design, creative concept, mood boards, color studies, technical drawings & 3D studies for custom furniture, counseling & acquisitions, color palette for visual identity & decor, graphical presentations for shop customers
+ Mottom is a nursery boutique in the heart of Bucharest, situated in an old villa. The concept behind it derives from the need for flexible and various display systems combined with the client’s enthusiasm for children’s decor that helps shape their education through their living environment. Thus the showroom is a neutral canvas of gray tones with particular areas highlighted by the duality of masculine/feminine translated into deep blue & soft pink. The decorative elements combine rigid yet delicate metal frames with milder Memphis inspired shapes, laced with art-deco elements.
+ photo credits: Răzvan Radu I Andreea Bogdan I Marius Jalba