[ RE-Compus ]

— We see design as the main means of expression in order to solve our daily needs, thus it creates the main liaison that makes our life more beautiful and practical.
Combining the 5 senses we propose a sensory installation the latter, a sum of different disciplines that usually fulfill our daily needs. From wardrobe to furniture, sound or taste, we take into account the primal resources we extract from nature, offering an organic setting for day to day products. Relying on material as a common element for this design mix we apply criteria of selection based on reuse and upcycling, as well as the predominance of the 4 primal elements extracted from nature: fire / water / air / earth, in order to create a balance between design as a formal art means of expression and the general benefit of environmental awareness.

— Concept proposal, event planning and coordination, public relations & social media, curatorial work, set-design & installation
— collaborations: Poteca Studio// Carol 53 // Art Gallery White Night // Romanian Design Week // Vertigo Metal Design // Frog // Delta Studio// partners: dizainăr // feeder // igloo media // Vertigo Metal Design // graphic design: Valentina Puzderca
— participants:
Bogdan Alexandru // Atelier A4 // Adrian Balcău // Bulb 27 // Florin Botea // Kovacs Csaba // Iulia Ignat // Anca Miron // Mihai Morărescu // Răzvan Năstase // Old New Design // Old School Division // Poteca Studio // Silva Artis // Tecade // Alina Turdean // Uzina 55 Ploesci // Wood be nice
— photo: Adi Bulboacă // Poteca Studio
— exhibition presented at Romanian Design Week collateral event, Carol 53, Bucharest, may 2015