Shoteria, Șelari st. no.17 Bucharest
— Shoteria is a train station and the concept of pre-drinking introduced by the owners is perfect for the small space in Selarilor 17 – a former tailor no completely transformed in a fully equipped Drinking Station.
The concept is based on the deconstruction of a train wagon combining retrieved technical elements from the Romanian Railways as well as custom objects particularly designed for this bar, but also a great number of details with affective significance to all of those involved in the project.
Starting with the window display made up of an entire collection of  XIX- XXI century bottles and continuing with the bar itself – a bulk of old suitcases complete with the spectacular oak countertop, or details such as the water well, the two public phones together with the bathroom sinks made of vintage fuel barrels or the Monolit plant holders which were specially designed for this space by Poteca Studio, Shoteria is an example of romantic industrial style, embedded with small nostalgic and personal details throughout all the decorations. A combination of past references and a collection of friendships that create a particular setting to send you on your next journey.

— bar design, interior design, concept, technical drawings, 3D studies, furniture & lighting systems concept, construction site followup & implementation, acquisitions, contact with suppliers, decorative patina, window display, decorative elements set-up
— status: built
— collaborations:
Furniture: Vertigo Metal Design // Decorative elements:
Poteca Studio – flower pots Monolit // Silva Artis – wooden elements: countertops // Thermoflux – Stefan Mihalcea: cable decor // Calif – Andrei Nebunoiu: bottle decor // Indigo Neon – neon signs // Atelier Moldoveanu – glass works // Anca Necsoi – decorative patina // Shoteria – Cosmin Sandu: even the impossible // Visual identity: Victor Bartiș
— foto: Radu Răzvan