S T A R T E R 

+ A conversation starter on the quality of our relationship with the city, pointing out some essential aspects by creating installations that illustrate ideal solutions, encouraging the visitors to participate and continue the conversation by discovering their own relationship to the city. Initiating a dialogue about our relationship with the urban environment, and how friendly or hostile it is. Many of the answers qualify as urban utopias. Our ideal city has a sum of potential activities, meets nature and even invites it indoors, stimulates the growth of communities, mixes the senses and integrates all its participants by solving through design, urban issues or by contributing to the quality of life. S T A R T E R was an open invitation to discuss all of that during a community dinner that introduced local suppliers while experiencing a sound installation that captured moments of the city, welcoming nature inside, or better understanding the level of inaccessibility for vulnerable minorities, and essentially talking to each other and think about the future together.
+ ALINA TURDEAN – SEE ME [ urban decay & utopia ]
An interactive installation that starts a conversation about the personal intake of the city.
Ludic installation on integrating nature within the city and opening up garden-like spaces to connect and learn from nature.

+ Concept, production, promotion, graphic design, community dining coordination of partners & funding, cooking & display, curatorial work, set-design & installation.
+ collaborations: Poteca Studio // Wanda Hutira // Ortaku // Club de Mobilitate Urbana Senseability // Maria Balabaș // Cristiana Chivu
( l u n ă ) // Iarina Nicolae // Livia Fălcaru // 3SOF // HessD1 // graphic design: Valentina Puzderca
+ partners:  Areca // EcoShopping // Tartelier // One World la Școală (bloczero)
+ exhibition part of Romanian Design Week collateral events, Colivia, Bucharest 2018