V lamp 

+ Embedded with the constellations of the most representative women in my life, it combines metal rigidity with delicate wooden details in a contrasting combination of black and white. With a diameter of 12.100km, Venus is situated second in our solar system. Its rotation around its axis is very slow lasting up to 243 days and revolves from east to west contrary to the rotation of any other planet. Small metal lamp embedded with the constellations of my personal universe.

+ prototype: Atelier Cornescu
+ technical specifications:
1.5mm aluminum sheet + powder-coated I h 250mm I Ø150mm I white exterior // black  interior // oak wood base I compatible E27 //  b / w cable

+ exhibitions: HIGAN at Plantelor Simultan during Open Houses White Night, Bucharest, September 2015
+ Photo credits: Cristian Apostol