+ This exhibition combined a series of mixed disciplines, united in their common respect for nature and intention of raising awareness by presenting their nature-inspired works. A group of artists, landscape architects, product designers, photographers, musicians, interior decorators, and environmental activists, joined together to discuss and promote upcycle culture and the common love for nature in all its forms.

+ Concept, production, promotion, curatorial work, set-design & installation
+ collaborations: Poteca Studio // Casa Carol 53 // Art Gallery White Night // Romanian Design Week // Vertigo Metal Design // graphic design: arh. Ana Banică
+ participants: George Anghelescu // Cai verzi pe pereți // Doru Dumitrescu // Ioana Gorzo // Marele deget Mare // Poteca Studio // Valentin Popescu // Mircea Struţeanu // Alina Turdean&Anca Trestia // Ștefan Ungureanu
+ photo: Adi BulboacăPoteca Studio / Olaru Corina Doina
+ exhibition presented at Romanian Design Week collateral event, Carol 53,  Bucharest, may 2013